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baby boy beanie update

You might recall a post I wrote on 9/26: baby boy beanie 

Well…said beanie was used for Ryder’s newborn shoot.  I’m so in love with this little man and these pictures of him are precious!

_dsc9518-backgroundKris used this one for his announcement! He already doesn’t fit the beanie anymore…but we’ve already had our first crochet lesson so she can make him some herself as his little noggin keeps growing.  She said she wants to keep this one to pass down as an heirloom…so sweet!!

_DSC9584I mean…c’mon.  This is just too much.

_DSC9444I got a request for this little turtle set specifically for his newborn shoot.  Ooh La Loo! Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! I mean the adorable baby isn’t hurting either. lol.

To make the shell I basically googled “how to crochet a pentagon” and “how to crochet a hexagon.”  I made 6 pentagons and 1 hexagon and connected the 6 pentagons to a hexagon in the center.

IMG_9307This is what one of my pentagons looked like…didn’t get any pics of the process….oops.


One thought on “baby boy beanie update

  1. Jody says:

    Keep in mind that Komae Baby is probably going to need a BIG one from the getgo. If he takes after his brother, his noggin will start out large!

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