My name is Karin.  This is my second attempt at a blog…I always start with good intentions! The blog name is a play on my personal blog name “life out of order” (loo). I am keeping my other blog to document the more personal stuff that most people don’t really care to read…lol. Ooh La Loo is dedicated to my diy, design, and craft projects with the occasional style and travel post every now and then.  I learned to crochet when I was 12 from my best friend’s mom…a skill I practice to this day.  Crocheting>Knitting because I can rip off rows when I mess up and can easily manipulate the shape of whatever I am making.  I love making caps…they’re my favorite.  I taught myself to sew purely by deconstructing items I loved the shape of, but not necessarily the fabric.  My skills only go so far! Curtains…bags…laptop covers…and now quilts!  Quilting is a new obsession that I will be exploring throughout the blog.   I have a love for interior design. I’ll post a tour of my place…you might think it’s a bit much…but it’s home.

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