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hot spot post: Cedros Part I


Thanks to my friend Matt, this is one of my favorite spots to spend the day and shop. When visiting him in Encinitas last year he took me here and I fell in love…with the shops that is!  What I love most about these shops are that they are never the same.  Each time I come they are filled with new loot.  The street is filled with antique shops and other home furnishings that are right up my ally.  An eclectic mix of vintage, modern, contemporary, industrial and kitsch.  It’s going to take a few posts to get through my favorite hot spots!  I’ll start at House Vintage since it’s where my girlfriends and I started on Sunday!  House Vintage is located at 315 S Cedros Ave Solana Beach, California 92075.  Upon entering we first explored the outside where there was refinished patio furniture and repurposed home goods that would make great accents to outdoor living spaces.  This is something I love to do myself.  I buy a can of my favorite color and go to town on furniture that needs a little pick me up.  In the house itself you’ll notice that each room has it’s own character.  A guy might walk into this house and see a bunch of junk…but I see a house full of must have treasures!


IMG_9045    IMG_9046

IMG_9054    IMG_9055



IMG_9048    IMG_9049

IMG_9050    IMG_9051



This room is having a little Marie Antoinette moment.  Ooh La Loo!

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Encinitas Bestie Babymoon eats…


One of my besties is preggers and we decided to go on a bit of a babymoon…kid and husband free for the weekend.  We are trying to do this quarterly together.  Our last trip was to Palm Springs…where to go next?!  I wanted to take the girls to Encinitas to take them to my favorite shops in North County SD.  I’ll need a whole other post to show you the hop spots!

Second to shopping…was eating of course.  Ok…seriously.  How do people eat without Yelp?!  If it weren’t for Yelp I’m not sure what we would have done about food.  Here’s the three spots we ended up.

IMG_8846 IMG_9032 IMG_8845

Solace and the Moonlight Lounge was really cute inside.  I was diggin what they had goin on in there.  Very rustic industrial.  It was the first time for all of us so we asked the hostess what she recommended.  The burger.  Of course.  Well…I couldn’t have that so Andy and I split the Vegetarian burger with goat cheese and a Poke dish.  Kris had an awesome grilled cheese…I looooove me some cheese.


Grilled Four Cheese Tomato & Basil Sandwich, Seared Albacore Chop Chop and Quinoa-Hazelnut Veggie Burger

I also looove me some beer.


Allagash White

We have this joke that when we get together wedding rings come off and we get crazy…neither of these are true.

As we were eating we were making sure to leave room for dessert.  Kris had never been to Extraordinary Desserts so we decided to take a drive into town to indulge a little.  Cheat day!  “Does it count if there are multiple days in a row?”


Extraordinary Desserts!


Birthday Cake, Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, Bananna Tarte

Our trip was a short one so we really only had two big meals.  Our Breakfast stop Sunday Morning was at Claire’s on Cedros…right up the street from the shops I wanted to spend the day at in Solana Beach.


Two Besties chatting away


Kris’ French Toast on Brioche


Lemon Clairecakes

Andy and I couldn’t decide between a savory or a sweet dish so we split the clairecakes with the savory dish below.



Ooh La Loo! I sure ate well this weekend!

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hot spot post: Rainbow Outlet

The Rainbow Outlet is awesome.  I don’t think I’ve worn another brand of slippers (sandals) since I was introduced to Rainbows in college.  They can be quite expensive as you will notice at Nordstrom and other retailers that carry them.  When I discovered the rainbow outlet it was a happy day!  As you will see pictured, you save 25%!  It is conveniently located in San Clemente off of Pico on the 5.  A quick pit stop on a road trip down to San Diego for us Angelinos.  This weekend I went on a girls getaway with my best friends and we stopped off for a quick look.  What’s so great about Rainbows is they last forever! There are a variety of styles…way more than the classics.  There are braided, hemp, and even crystal straps.

 IMG_8868   IMG_8867

 IMG_8861   IMG_8864


I’ve been wearing the same pair for years…unfortunately I recently spilled a gallon of paint in my car and ruined my favorite pair.  My favorite are the Classic Leather  Double Layer Sandals.  I have terrible knees and these are so comfortable…I like the single layer but there is a noticeable difference when I wear the doubles.  They retail for $55 and I got them for 40!  Ooh La Loo!

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hot spot post: Purl Soho

For my birthday this year I received a gift card to Purl Soho.  I hadn’t heard of it before but after a quick visit to their website I was soon in love.  I was tempted to purchase every single skein of yarn…but the thing about yarn shopping is you want to feel the texture and the weight of the yarn…well I do!  As you will see in the pictures I post below they can range from very lightweight to super chunks…not exactly the technical terms there but you get the gist, yeah? Also, I’ve noticed that the color on a mac isn’t always true to life.  All this to say I ended up buying a quilting book (I have been on a bit of a quilting kick lately).  Coincidentally another one of my friends rings me and asks if I’d be interested in going to the Purl Soho Warehouse in Tustin.  Initial though was…Tustin?! Jigga What?  I though Purl Soho was only in New York! You mean, I could have driven to ORANGE COUNTY and felt all the yarn in person AND avoided shipping costs?!  Turns out all online orders are shipped out of Tustin. Sigh.

So we drive to Tustin which ended up being an amazing day driving around Orange County shopping, eating, and getting some real quality time reminiscent of the summer after our senior year in high school.  The day was nothing short of perfect.  The building we pulled up to left a lot to be desired.  It is basically an office space in an industrial building (15431 Red Hill Ave Ste D Tustin, CA 92780 (800) 597-7875). We were scared we had been misled but once we walked in, we were not disappointed.  The picture below is the store front in New York. How adorbs is that?


459 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013
phone: (212) 420-8796

Photo: Pinterest


Here I am surrounded by yarn goodness.


Please note the empty basket.  Yarns range from $8-$40 a skein…a far cry from the usual $4 I’m used to spending!

IMG_8751 IMG_8730 IMG_8736

IMG_8728 IMG_8729 IMG_8726

              IMG_8731 IMG_8727

This is a testament of my self control that I was surrounded by all of this and walked out with a very modest purchase.  The key was walking in with a plan…something I don’t usually do!

Another thing about high end “fancy” yarn is you have to wind it yourself into a ball.   This was a first.  Good thing I didn’t order any yarn online because I would have totally tangled it up!  Here’s the yarn winding process:

IMG_8765 IMG_8755 IMG_8767


IMG_8771 IMG_8772

Here are the yarns before and after! Ooh La Loo! The colors look so good together.

IMG_8750 IMG_8776

PS also has much more than just yarn.  They have a great selection of notions, tools, and fabric.

IMG_8741 IMG_8740

Also, there are cute kits that would make great gifts.  Here was my personal fav.  FYI, I’m completely obsessed with sloths.  In fact today on Instagram I saw the raddest sloth tattoo…the pain of my recent tattoo is still too fresh in my memory. I don’t think I could do it again. But I’ll admit…it had me tempted.

IMG_8733 IMG_8735

Last but not least here’s Andy.  It never ceases to amaze me how similar our taste is.  Birds of a feather…

The purpose of our visit was to get started on planning a baby shower for our mutual bestie.  Had a solid 11 hour hang out today.  Couldn’t have asked for better company.


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the trusty cowl

I’ve had this here cowl scarf for about 4 years.  I loove it.  I wear it all the time and you can tell by the photo that it has been well loved.  I’ve always known that this would be a really easy project but never pushed myself to make one because I already had this one which was so neutral.  I finally gave myself a reason to make a new cowl.  Two words HARRY POTTER.



This summer I went to London and the nerd in me was REALLY EXCITED to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  Probably the highlight of my trip…ok Stonehenge was a close second.  I knew that I wanted to have my very own Gryffindor scarf and I didn’t want to spend $75 on it.  As I mentioned in my “about” page I like to deconstruct items in order to create new ones. I didn’t have to take apart my cowl to figure this one out.  I simply crocheted (of course) a 32×40 rectangle, stitched together the shorter sides of the rectangle and tah-da…a perfect cowl!

IMG_8719      IMG_8720


nobody had the same one AND I only spend $10! I win.  please note the Harry Potter scar…it’s the little things that get me excited.


ooh la loo! I also bought these glasses at forever 21 for $4 instead of $15 at the gift shop.


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adventures in quilting volume 2

When I go into the fabric store I usually have no idea what I am going to make.  This sounds totally crazy but I really do let the fabric “speak to me.”  I like to walk the aisles and usually pick fabrics in groups.  Here is an example of two groupings of three.  At this point I’m thinking of what I can make and who I can make it for.


I decided to make baby quilts for two of my nearest and dearest.  Since I’ve never done this before I decided to first make a quilt using the pattern from the pillow.  It was simple (enough) and at least I had tried it before!  First, I drew out how I wanted the quilt to look. Then I just retraced my steps from the pillow. In the picture the quilt is upside down…but you get the idea.  This is a pic of all the squares laid out before I actually sewed them together.  I love how the seams on the backside look…unfortunately this side will never see the light of day once I assemble the quilt.

quilt plan ninja star quilt quilt seams

I finished the top side of the quilt…and am putting off actually quilting it.  That mess looks hard! Fortunately, I have the most amazing crafty friends who are going to hold my hand through the process.  This coming thursday I’m having a craft night after my friend’s kids go to bed and friday I’m getting together with two of my high school girlfriends for a quilt night.  So…I am totally justified in putting off the hard stuff and starting another quilt top.  The next quilt uses the same dimensions as the last quilt…the only difference is all of the squares are 50/50…which means more corners to line up…woof.  With one top under my belt I’m feeling a little more confident starting this one.  I was better about documenting the steps for this one.  I tried taking the pictures on a white background because my room makes for a very distracting background…but I hate how the white looks against the white blog background…all dingy looking.  oh well.

IMG_8674      IMG_8680

1. the 3 prints are cut into 6 1/2 inch squares

2. prints are put face together.  a line is drawn down the center (diagonally) and with the machine I sew a seam 1/4 inch from each side of the center line. a quarter inch foot makes this easy.

IMG_8684      IMG_8690

3. I pulled back the fabric to show that the prints are contrasting.

4.  cut the square in half down the diagonal line that was drawn as a guide for the 1/4 inch seam allowance.

IMG_8688      IMG_8692

5.  these are all the squares stacked up once they were cut.

6.  open up each square and press the seam open on the back.

IMG_8697      IMG_8699

7.  as you can see the squares are not perfect anymore once I’ve worked with them. I used this 6 inch omnigrid to “square them up” which will allow for a much cleaner finished product.  I used my rotary cutter (aka God’s gift to quilters) to square them up.

8.  here are all the squares piled up.


9. ohh la loo! here’s the finished quilt top.  I’ll have to do another post about sewing the individual squares together.  after two quilt tops I think I have the process down…it took some trial and error.  my friend and I rate our success of a sewing project on the amount of times we had to bust out the seam ripper.  on this here quilt top.  seam ripper count: 2.  not too bad.

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adventures in quilting volume 1

I’ve always LOVED quilts but I thought it was a skill beyond my ability.  On a whim I signed up for a class to make a quilted pillow.  I figured starting small was the way to go.  Being somewhat of a decent sewer I laughed at how long the class time was….6 hours?!  Guess what.  It took me 6 hours.  I always try to document the steps when learning so I can remember what on earth I did. But alas…I have absolutely no idea how I did that invisible zipper…I’m going to have to start video recording the process!

IMG_7939  IMG_7941  IMG_7943

IMG_7944  IMG_7946  IMG_7949

IMG_7950ooh la loo! look at that pillow on the couch. love how it turned out.