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hot spot post: Rainbow Outlet

The Rainbow Outlet is awesome.  I don’t think I’ve worn another brand of slippers (sandals) since I was introduced to Rainbows in college.  They can be quite expensive as you will notice at Nordstrom and other retailers that carry them.  When I discovered the rainbow outlet it was a happy day!  As you will see pictured, you save 25%!  It is conveniently located in San Clemente off of Pico on the 5.  A quick pit stop on a road trip down to San Diego for us Angelinos.  This weekend I went on a girls getaway with my best friends and we stopped off for a quick look.  What’s so great about Rainbows is they last forever! There are a variety of styles…way more than the classics.  There are braided, hemp, and even crystal straps.

 IMG_8868   IMG_8867

 IMG_8861   IMG_8864


I’ve been wearing the same pair for years…unfortunately I recently spilled a gallon of paint in my car and ruined my favorite pair.  My favorite are the Classic Leather  Double Layer Sandals.  I have terrible knees and these are so comfortable…I like the single layer but there is a noticeable difference when I wear the doubles.  They retail for $55 and I got them for 40!  Ooh La Loo!