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collabo post: Juice Box Media

IMG_8064_Valentine's Day Minis_r

Photo Courtesy of Juice Box Media

I love getting together with friends and creating.  Usually, I have an idea and I rope my friends into helping me, lol.  In this case my childhood dance buddy Trisha reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in collaborating with her and her husband’s photography/videography business and style a Valentine’s photo shoot.  Visit their website here and visit their instagram page @juiceboxmedia for a chance to win a free photoshoot!  I had no idea what that really entailed, but I was on board.  I asked for some direction and Trisha sent me a few images from Pinterest….just search “valentines photoshoot” and you’ll see tons of images.  That was my jumping off point. I had no idea what I was going to do…until…these pallets found their way to me.  We were receiving a shipment at work and the delivery guy let me keep the pallets, and even gave me the ones on the truck too!  Free materials are the best!IMG_5969 I wasn’t sure what these had to do with Valentine’s Day but I was going to make them work for me!  I have the tendency to make a job harder than it has to be…I love a challenge.  I’d always wanted to make a vertical garden out of pallets for my backyard so I used this project as motivation to build a wall that I could later transform into a garden.  The transformation from this project to that will be in a later post, I’m sure.  So…pallet wall…a bit rustic for Valentine’s, but it was going to work, I just knew it.  With the right embellishments, you can make raw wood pretty charming, that was the idea at least.

Step One: Deconstruction IMG_6026I used a Sawzall (thank you google search for the recommendation).  I had first tried using a chisel to separate the wood and pull out the nails…WAY too hard.  The Sawzall just sliced right through the nails.

Step Two:  Laying out the planks IMG_6018 I used 6 foot fir strips (aka cheap/lightweight wood) to attach the planks to. I made two separate walls for the sake of transportation ease.  I laid out a pattern with variations of light and dark and made sure the widths of the planks were similar to those of the second wall so there would be a smooth transition from one wall to the other.  I used wood screws to attach the planks to the fir strips. IMG_6025

Here’s a closeup of the wood color and condition

Step Three: Embellishing the wall to make it more Valentiney IMG_6157I cut out hundreds of hearts in pinks, reds, and gold and strung them on fishing line.  Remember when I mentioned how I rope my friends into helping me?  Yup, I got some major help on this task.  The LOVE marquee is from Target.

IMG_6159Model: Amie (sister I never had/project assistant)

IMG_7635_Valentine's Day Minis_r IMG_7281_Valentine's Day Minis_r

Photos Courtesy of Juice Box Media

Models: Kids of Juice Box Media

After the walls were finished I still had some wood left so I decided to make a kissing booth as well.  I wanted to incorporate the chalk typography art fad so I gave it a go.  The kissing booth is painted with chalkboard spray paint and I freehanded the type in chalk, that way I could change up the text if need be in the future.   I made the tissue tassels by following this tutorial.

IMG_6019 IMG_6032

IMG_8062_Valentine's Day Minis_r

Photo Courtesy of Juice Box Media

IMG_6151   IMG_6156   IMG_6158

 IMG_8005_Valentine's Day Minis_r

IMG_7564_Valentine's Day Minis_r  IMG_7465_Valentine's Day Minis_r

Photos Courtesy of Juice Box Media

Models: Kids of Juice Box Media

IMG_8050_Valentine's Day Minis_r

Here’s the finished product Ooh La Loo!


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collabo post: matryoshka dolls

It’s not very often I get to see all of my college besties…we’ll that’s not true.  We seen to get together more than you would think seeing as how spread apart we are.  My lovely Laura lives all the way in PA and made a special pit stop in LA on her way yo a wedding in Santa Barbara, our college town.  I got her all to myself for an entire afternoon.  We had chocolate chip pancakes at the Original Pancake House, cookies at Torrance Bakery, discovered a new vintage shop, and hit up one of my favorite fabric shops Momen +.  She got the Torrance tour it seems.  While at Momen, Laura found the cutest little hand made elephants…she couldn’t resist them for her sweet baby girl’s room.  She got a free “fat quarter” with her purchase.  She thought she could make something cute with this pattern…we put out heads together and came up with these little stuffed dolls.  SO easy to make!

IMG_9443Here’s the cute martyoshka fabric!

IMG_9444We cut out the individual dolls.

IMG_9510  IMG_9511Pick a coordinating fabric and trim around the doll.

IMG_9513Sew a tad bit away from the doll outline.

IMG_9516You can get a feeling for the seem allowance in this pic.  Keep an opening where you can flip the fabric right side out.

IMG_9518After you flip it…press it…stuff it…and hand sew the hole

IMG_9507  IMG_9508Here’s an example of why you DON’T sew right up to the edge…..the doll looks super skinny once you stuff!

IMG_9520Laura loo gave the machine a whirl too!

IMG_9533Here are the ones we finished that afternoon…can you spot the first two we made…lol!

IMG_9536Ooh La Loo!

Pretty cute huh?

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collabo post: baby shower invitations

Here’s the team.

Image 1


zoey, me, andy, kenzie, stacie, amie

My childhood bestie Stacie is having a baby girl!  I can’t believe that our own mothers threw each other baby showers when we were born.  How cool is that?!  With that said…let the baby shower planning commence.  Stacie emailed Andy, Amie and I knowing we’d jump at the chance to put our creative minds together to create invitations tailored perfectly to her style.  The truth is, I love doing pretty much anything with these girls…so collaborating for this project felt like no work at all.  Andy was the project manager on this one.  She had a vision of what she wanted and trusted Amie and I to “do our thing.”  Amie is awesome at typography and is a master doodler.  Andy asked her if she’d work her magic for the invites.

And oh em gee..look what she produced.



Next step.  Andy scanned in Amie’s original artwork and worked magic of her own.  I can’t begin to tell you how talented she is.


Andy designed the invitation around Amie’s sketch adding the PERFECT font…I was amazed at how she matched Amie’s typography!  Next she added color from the yarn we selected at Purl Soho.  Check out the hot spot post to see how closely she was able to color match.  Genius, I tell ya!


This collaboration process was so fun.  Andy would touch base with me throughout the entire process to show me her progress or just to bounce ideas off of me.    We have a really amazing working relationship…we send each other pictures and give each other the yay or nay on an idea in under 10 seconds.  And in situations like the picture below…when we aren’t sure of ourselves…9 times out of 10 we pick the same option.


The next step was my turn.  We had the perfect design…now it was about the packaging.  Envelopes are good and all…but why not put them in a sac the recipients could use?  I’m thinking this little sac would make a perfect sunglasses bag!  This too was a collaboration.  Amie came over and ironed the fabric as I sewed the bags (and my mom helped in this process too…there was A LOT of ironing).  We had toyed with the idea of fold over flaps…which would have been more time efficient…but I had my heart set on the drawstring design.


I was pretty happy with how the bags turned out!


Ooh La Loo! Look how our collabo finished product!