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collabo post: matryoshka dolls

It’s not very often I get to see all of my college besties…we’ll that’s not true.  We seen to get together more than you would think seeing as how spread apart we are.  My lovely Laura lives all the way in PA and made a special pit stop in LA on her way yo a wedding in Santa Barbara, our college town.  I got her all to myself for an entire afternoon.  We had chocolate chip pancakes at the Original Pancake House, cookies at Torrance Bakery, discovered a new vintage shop, and hit up one of my favorite fabric shops Momen +.  She got the Torrance tour it seems.  While at Momen, Laura found the cutest little hand made elephants…she couldn’t resist them for her sweet baby girl’s room.  She got a free “fat quarter” with her purchase.  She thought she could make something cute with this pattern…we put out heads together and came up with these little stuffed dolls.  SO easy to make!

IMG_9443Here’s the cute martyoshka fabric!

IMG_9444We cut out the individual dolls.

IMG_9510  IMG_9511Pick a coordinating fabric and trim around the doll.

IMG_9513Sew a tad bit away from the doll outline.

IMG_9516You can get a feeling for the seem allowance in this pic.  Keep an opening where you can flip the fabric right side out.

IMG_9518After you flip it…press it…stuff it…and hand sew the hole

IMG_9507  IMG_9508Here’s an example of why you DON’T sew right up to the edge…..the doll looks super skinny once you stuff!

IMG_9520Laura loo gave the machine a whirl too!

IMG_9533Here are the ones we finished that afternoon…can you spot the first two we made…lol!

IMG_9536Ooh La Loo!

Pretty cute huh?