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pinterest party!


My college girlfriends and I got together this month for a pinterest party! I kept referring it to as a pinterest fail party….have you seen all the pinterest fail posts on social media? google it…they’re amazing.  Not to say that I didn’t have faith in us…but we were doing things we hadn’t previously tried so you never know!  Some of the girls chose pinterest baked goods while others chose craft projects.  I of course gravitated towards a craft.  I browsed my pinterest feed and looked for something that looked simple enough but still cute.  The first one I picked was linked to this site.  I’ve seen a lot of mason jar ideas in the past…but this one was too cute to pass up.  I deviated from the mason jar and went with jam jars.  Ideally you would use jars that you have collected from home and re-purpose them but since I was providing jars for the whole group I had to pick some up.  I also needed plastic animal toys…I planned on stopping by a couple places but my first stop had everything I needed.  I went to Daiso, which is a $1.50 Japanese store, which carries virtually everything.  I’m not kidding!

Pictured: My Daiso basket (each item $1.50) compared to the price of plastic animals at Joanns!

IMG_9924  IMG_9926

Step One: Pick the animals you’d like to use

Step Two: glue those bad boys on the lids

  IMG_0018  IMG_0020

Step Three: Spray paint the lids and the jars a color of your choice


These were the paints I had in my stash…we only ended up using the four pictured on the right

IMG_9934  IMG_9942

Here are more pics of the process.  For this one I did a two-tone design.

IMG_9936  IMG_9941

IMG_9938  IMG_0067

I removed the lid, covered the bottom with painters tape and painted the jars white…once I took off the paint I ended up with this two-toned look.  Ooh La Loo!


Here are what all of ours ended up looking like!

IMG_9972  IMG_9965

IMG_9975  IMG_9951

Bekah found the next pinterest project from this site.

I embellished my trees with items in my craft stash: pipe cleaners, brads, and mini pom poms.

IMG_0062  IMG_0082

Ooh La Loo! So cute up on the bookcase in my living room.


One more craft project found here.  I think I’ve mentioned my crazy yarn stash in a past post.  It came in handy for this project!


They turned out cute…I think I’ll make some for my friends for Christmas!

IMG_9963  IMG_9960

Here’s our lovely host Alyssa! She made a goat cheese heirloom tomato tart! Yum!!