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pinterest party!


My college girlfriends and I got together this month for a pinterest party! I kept referring it to as a pinterest fail party….have you seen all the pinterest fail posts on social media? google it…they’re amazing.  Not to say that I didn’t have faith in us…but we were doing things we hadn’t previously tried so you never know!  Some of the girls chose pinterest baked goods while others chose craft projects.  I of course gravitated towards a craft.  I browsed my pinterest feed and looked for something that looked simple enough but still cute.  The first one I picked was linked to this site.  I’ve seen a lot of mason jar ideas in the past…but this one was too cute to pass up.  I deviated from the mason jar and went with jam jars.  Ideally you would use jars that you have collected from home and re-purpose them but since I was providing jars for the whole group I had to pick some up.  I also needed plastic animal toys…I planned on stopping by a couple places but my first stop had everything I needed.  I went to Daiso, which is a $1.50 Japanese store, which carries virtually everything.  I’m not kidding!

Pictured: My Daiso basket (each item $1.50) compared to the price of plastic animals at Joanns!

IMG_9924  IMG_9926

Step One: Pick the animals you’d like to use

Step Two: glue those bad boys on the lids

  IMG_0018  IMG_0020

Step Three: Spray paint the lids and the jars a color of your choice


These were the paints I had in my stash…we only ended up using the four pictured on the right

IMG_9934  IMG_9942

Here are more pics of the process.  For this one I did a two-tone design.

IMG_9936  IMG_9941

IMG_9938  IMG_0067

I removed the lid, covered the bottom with painters tape and painted the jars white…once I took off the paint I ended up with this two-toned look.  Ooh La Loo!


Here are what all of ours ended up looking like!

IMG_9972  IMG_9965

IMG_9975  IMG_9951

Bekah found the next pinterest project from this site.

I embellished my trees with items in my craft stash: pipe cleaners, brads, and mini pom poms.

IMG_0062  IMG_0082

Ooh La Loo! So cute up on the bookcase in my living room.


One more craft project found here.  I think I’ve mentioned my crazy yarn stash in a past post.  It came in handy for this project!


They turned out cute…I think I’ll make some for my friends for Christmas!

IMG_9963  IMG_9960

Here’s our lovely host Alyssa! She made a goat cheese heirloom tomato tart! Yum!!


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baby boy beanie update

You might recall a post I wrote on 9/26: baby boy beanie 

Well…said beanie was used for Ryder’s newborn shoot.  I’m so in love with this little man and these pictures of him are precious!

_dsc9518-backgroundKris used this one for his announcement! He already doesn’t fit the beanie anymore…but we’ve already had our first crochet lesson so she can make him some herself as his little noggin keeps growing.  She said she wants to keep this one to pass down as an heirloom…so sweet!!

_DSC9584I mean…c’mon.  This is just too much.

_DSC9444I got a request for this little turtle set specifically for his newborn shoot.  Ooh La Loo! Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! I mean the adorable baby isn’t hurting either. lol.

To make the shell I basically googled “how to crochet a pentagon” and “how to crochet a hexagon.”  I made 6 pentagons and 1 hexagon and connected the 6 pentagons to a hexagon in the center.

IMG_9307This is what one of my pentagons looked like…didn’t get any pics of the process….oops.

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baby boy beanie

Two weeks ago I was on a baby moon with my besties Andy and Kris.  We thought the baby boy would be joining us late October…but he couldn’t wait to get here!  Kris texted us at the end of last week thinking he might be coming soon.  My first thought was about his safety as well as Kris’ and my second thought was…shoot, I don’t have that beanie ready I promised I’d make him!  Just a week prior Krisi had been looking up baby beanies on etsy and would send me pictures of ones she thought were cute.  She asked if it was something I would be able to do or if she should order one.  I told her she could stop searching because I would love to make him one! I had never made a beanie for a babe before so this process was a little trial and error as you’ll see later.  I don’t use patterns most of the time and usually rely on my eye when crocheting.  All this to say…there aren’t super specific directions.

I had the gray on hand which is a tad bid heavier weight than the blue.  The blue yarn is baby yarn which tends to be softer than your average skein.  I love mixing textures when I crochet.  I stopped by Michael’s for the blue on my way home from a boba run and was so mad at myself for not having my coupons!  I almost went home (I refuse to pay full price for anything at Joann’s or Michael’s), then I remembered I had the Michael’s app on my phone! I opened it and it had a 50% off coupon waiting for me.  Total coast of this project $2.99! Bam.

Stitch: Half Double

Hook SIze: H

Step 1: I worked a circle by starting with 4 chains.  Typically I work two crochets into each stitch until I have made 1 round.  From there I do 2/1/2/ the next 2 rounds.

Step 2:  After 3 rounds or about the size of a quarter I switched to the gray to start a stripe.

IMG_9163  IMG_9167

Step 3:  It’s all about judgment in this process…if you see the work getting bubbly that means you are adding too many stitches and you should rip out as many as you need to and adjusting how many stitches you are adding.  Maybe switching from the 2/1/2 to 2/1/1/1/2.  To give you an idea I think I was adding a stitch every eight stitches by 5th round.  Once my flat coaster looking circle was about the size of my palm I stopped increasing and just crocheted one stitch in each loop which gave the circle a bit of a lift making it more bowl like.

Step 4:  I measured my finished product and compared it to average measurements of baby heads.  I was about an inch off (this is why you use patterns people). Sooooo…I scrapped this hat and made another one…which I made a bit larger before I stopped increasing.  You’ll notice that the finished product pictured a bit later starts with gray instead of blue!

IMG_9169  IMG_9183

Step 5:  I decided that just because he’s a boy, that doesn’t mean his hat has to be plain! Pom poms it is! I realize the poms were in a previous post but…who cares!  Similar to the yarn and fabric method I showed in the upcycled bag post I mixed colors.

IMG_9173  IMG_9180

Step 6: I added a little ear flap to give it the old school aviator helmet look and added the pom to the top.


Ooh La Loo! Baby Ryder fitting perfectly in his custom beanie!

 IMG_9256  IMG_9257

I promise next time I’ll actually write down what I do!  Coming soon…video tutorials. Woo Hoo!

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hot spot post: Purl Soho

For my birthday this year I received a gift card to Purl Soho.  I hadn’t heard of it before but after a quick visit to their website I was soon in love.  I was tempted to purchase every single skein of yarn…but the thing about yarn shopping is you want to feel the texture and the weight of the yarn…well I do!  As you will see in the pictures I post below they can range from very lightweight to super chunks…not exactly the technical terms there but you get the gist, yeah? Also, I’ve noticed that the color on a mac isn’t always true to life.  All this to say I ended up buying a quilting book (I have been on a bit of a quilting kick lately).  Coincidentally another one of my friends rings me and asks if I’d be interested in going to the Purl Soho Warehouse in Tustin.  Initial though was…Tustin?! Jigga What?  I though Purl Soho was only in New York! You mean, I could have driven to ORANGE COUNTY and felt all the yarn in person AND avoided shipping costs?!  Turns out all online orders are shipped out of Tustin. Sigh.

So we drive to Tustin which ended up being an amazing day driving around Orange County shopping, eating, and getting some real quality time reminiscent of the summer after our senior year in high school.  The day was nothing short of perfect.  The building we pulled up to left a lot to be desired.  It is basically an office space in an industrial building (15431 Red Hill Ave Ste D Tustin, CA 92780 (800) 597-7875). We were scared we had been misled but once we walked in, we were not disappointed.  The picture below is the store front in New York. How adorbs is that?


459 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013
phone: (212) 420-8796

Photo: Pinterest


Here I am surrounded by yarn goodness.


Please note the empty basket.  Yarns range from $8-$40 a skein…a far cry from the usual $4 I’m used to spending!

IMG_8751 IMG_8730 IMG_8736

IMG_8728 IMG_8729 IMG_8726

              IMG_8731 IMG_8727

This is a testament of my self control that I was surrounded by all of this and walked out with a very modest purchase.  The key was walking in with a plan…something I don’t usually do!

Another thing about high end “fancy” yarn is you have to wind it yourself into a ball.   This was a first.  Good thing I didn’t order any yarn online because I would have totally tangled it up!  Here’s the yarn winding process:

IMG_8765 IMG_8755 IMG_8767


IMG_8771 IMG_8772

Here are the yarns before and after! Ooh La Loo! The colors look so good together.

IMG_8750 IMG_8776

PS also has much more than just yarn.  They have a great selection of notions, tools, and fabric.

IMG_8741 IMG_8740

Also, there are cute kits that would make great gifts.  Here was my personal fav.  FYI, I’m completely obsessed with sloths.  In fact today on Instagram I saw the raddest sloth tattoo…the pain of my recent tattoo is still too fresh in my memory. I don’t think I could do it again. But I’ll admit…it had me tempted.

IMG_8733 IMG_8735

Last but not least here’s Andy.  It never ceases to amaze me how similar our taste is.  Birds of a feather…

The purpose of our visit was to get started on planning a baby shower for our mutual bestie.  Had a solid 11 hour hang out today.  Couldn’t have asked for better company.


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the trusty cowl

I’ve had this here cowl scarf for about 4 years.  I loove it.  I wear it all the time and you can tell by the photo that it has been well loved.  I’ve always known that this would be a really easy project but never pushed myself to make one because I already had this one which was so neutral.  I finally gave myself a reason to make a new cowl.  Two words HARRY POTTER.



This summer I went to London and the nerd in me was REALLY EXCITED to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  Probably the highlight of my trip…ok Stonehenge was a close second.  I knew that I wanted to have my very own Gryffindor scarf and I didn’t want to spend $75 on it.  As I mentioned in my “about” page I like to deconstruct items in order to create new ones. I didn’t have to take apart my cowl to figure this one out.  I simply crocheted (of course) a 32×40 rectangle, stitched together the shorter sides of the rectangle and tah-da…a perfect cowl!

IMG_8719      IMG_8720


nobody had the same one AND I only spend $10! I win.  please note the Harry Potter scar…it’s the little things that get me excited.


ooh la loo! I also bought these glasses at forever 21 for $4 instead of $15 at the gift shop.