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adventures in quilting volume 1

I’ve always LOVED quilts but I thought it was a skill beyond my ability.  On a whim I signed up for a class to make a quilted pillow.  I figured starting small was the way to go.  Being somewhat of a decent sewer I laughed at how long the class time was….6 hours?!  Guess what.  It took me 6 hours.  I always try to document the steps when learning so I can remember what on earth I did. But alas…I have absolutely no idea how I did that invisible zipper…I’m going to have to start video recording the process!

IMG_7939  IMG_7941  IMG_7943

IMG_7944  IMG_7946  IMG_7949

IMG_7950ooh la loo! look at that pillow on the couch. love how it turned out.


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