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Encinitas Bestie Babymoon eats…


One of my besties is preggers and we decided to go on a bit of a babymoon…kid and husband free for the weekend.  We are trying to do this quarterly together.  Our last trip was to Palm Springs…where to go next?!  I wanted to take the girls to Encinitas to take them to my favorite shops in North County SD.  I’ll need a whole other post to show you the hop spots!

Second to shopping…was eating of course.  Ok…seriously.  How do people eat without Yelp?!  If it weren’t for Yelp I’m not sure what we would have done about food.  Here’s the three spots we ended up.

IMG_8846 IMG_9032 IMG_8845

Solace and the Moonlight Lounge was really cute inside.  I was diggin what they had goin on in there.  Very rustic industrial.  It was the first time for all of us so we asked the hostess what she recommended.  The burger.  Of course.  Well…I couldn’t have that so Andy and I split the Vegetarian burger with goat cheese and a Poke dish.  Kris had an awesome grilled cheese…I looooove me some cheese.


Grilled Four Cheese Tomato & Basil Sandwich, Seared Albacore Chop Chop and Quinoa-Hazelnut Veggie Burger

I also looove me some beer.


Allagash White

We have this joke that when we get together wedding rings come off and we get crazy…neither of these are true.

As we were eating we were making sure to leave room for dessert.  Kris had never been to Extraordinary Desserts so we decided to take a drive into town to indulge a little.  Cheat day!  “Does it count if there are multiple days in a row?”


Extraordinary Desserts!


Birthday Cake, Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, Bananna Tarte

Our trip was a short one so we really only had two big meals.  Our Breakfast stop Sunday Morning was at Claire’s on Cedros…right up the street from the shops I wanted to spend the day at in Solana Beach.


Two Besties chatting away


Kris’ French Toast on Brioche


Lemon Clairecakes

Andy and I couldn’t decide between a savory or a sweet dish so we split the clairecakes with the savory dish below.



Ooh La Loo! I sure ate well this weekend!


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